Its ALIVE!!!!

A late spring flurry of activity to get the "R" on the road has been successful!  Its reassembled ( mostly) and has been driven about 125 miles to date.  Some gremlins and bugs had to be worked out - typical of a project like this - but considering the car was completely apart, and a was put back together with a lot of components that originally did not coexist, there were surprisingly few of these.

Below are a series of pics and a couple of videos of the "finished" product.  There's still quite a number of things to do and finish up fabrication on, but now I can DRIVE IT as a work in progress....


After getting it assembled, I wasn't happy with the SS flex hose radiator lines - just didn't look right on the car, so I put together some AL & rubber hoses with T-bar clamps.


Also needed a rear view mirror, so I put this together using some period aftermarket visor clamps, AL brackets, and a piece of plex.

And "just for Alvin", some videos, both low and high bandwidth versions.

Low bandwidth windows media file

The "R" revs (streaming for low-bandwidth 2MB)

Don't worry, the smoke is coming from the cameraman, my neighbor Dan...

The "R" Revs ( 12.5MB high bandwidth or right-click, save target as to download )

The "R" Revs ( QT movie 10MB)

Low bandwidth windows media file

The "R" walkaround ( streaming for low-bandwidth 2MB)

The "R" walkaround ( 6MB high bandwidth, or right-click, save target as to download )

The "R" walkaround (QT movie 13MB)

I'll have another update later this summer with the door pods, AL skins, bimini top, and dual silver stripes done, but of now, I'm gonna ENJOY the RIDE!!!!!