Wishing all a Joyous Holiday Season!

I've been toying around with some concepts for the rounded, molded tailpiece that I'm going to do for the "R".  The cap is going to be an epoxy / fiberglass lay-up.  It will extend from top of "fin" ridge all the way down to cover frame rail - bumper will be left off and either a bumper ridge will be molded in, or some sort of nerf bumper(s) will be designed and fabricated.  Started carving some urethane foam just for fun.


Also did some Photoshop "body work' - rounded the tail, painted it the purplish blue, added the rollbar, flares, my wheels, and the blacked out trim - a target to shoot for with the finished car.

I've come up with some different alternatives for the taillight treatment, and have one that I favor, but figured I'd ask for some opinions.  The lights are all LED sealed units, 2-1/2" amber turn signals on top, and 4" red stop / tail on bottom.  Red ones have concentric rings of 39 LEDs, ambers are a pseudo star pattern.

Below is my initial concept sketch.  There will be two curved reliefs in the bottom edge for the twin Supertrapps, and an arched central relief for the backup light already fabbed to the frame.

And the winner is.......

Thanks to all who offered opinions!!  Consensus is that the "frenched" approach has more of the "feel" of a 60's sports car.  Words like retro, period correct, etc. popped up in lots of responses. Since this was the direction I was leaning, its the one I'll do.