The Body is Off!!

Constructed a rack from 2x6's with 2x4 bracing to support the body.  Will add some diagonal braces to the cross-bars before beginning body work - that won't start til the mechanical work is completed.

Click here for printable version

Here's a dimensioned sketch of the rack - you can also download a larger printable version (153K)

A template drilled in a scrap piece of 2x6 made it easy to drill the multiple sets of holes in both the cross-braces and uprights.  The uprights have pairs spaced evenly to allow the body to be see-sawed into position - was working alone, so had to raise the front, then the back, then the as not to create too large an angle with any one lift.  Used the rear roll-bar braces as a lift point for the rear.

Once body was off, found a mummified rodent stuck in one of the frame holes.... ???