Fuel Cell, Backup Light, & Completed Headers

 Now that the headers are done....... ( Note our other Chevy powered Datsun in the background)


I started working on the fuel cell mount and backup light.  Constructed a hanger frame for the cell which is welded to the frame.  I added an additional "saddle" strap to the angle to reinforce where it is butt welded to the side of the frame rail.

A sheet metal box fits inside the hanger,

and will be flanged to be bolted in from the trunk side, sealing the cell from the elements.

I made a bracket to mount a backup light to the rear frame rail.  It was constructed using a hammerform to make the return flange that follows the outside contours.  A hammerform is basically two hardwood patterns that you sandwhich the sheet metal blank between, allowing you to form the sides with a hammer and corking tools ( hardwood cut into a flat chisel-like shape)

The backup light, fuel pump, and cell pick-ups will be visible under the rolled rear pan, framed nicely by the two Supertrapps.


The frame cleaned up nicely using a grinder mounted brush,

and my "Ace" mechanic pulled double duty, wielding a mean paint brush!

These shots are just neat, showing the relationship of everything...