PO Customization

Previous owner hired a mechanic to work on the car.  This mechanic was reputed to have done many engine swaps.  Here are some of the things I encountered as I began to tear into it.

GM 229 cu. in. / 3.8L motor as it sat in the car.  Connected to the back was an TH200 automatic transmission.

Note how far forward the engine is sitting - solid Moroso drag car mounts were bolted to the block and then bolted into the threaded "bosses" in the frame, rearward of the ones you can see in the lower right of the photo, just below the alternator bracket.

He also had the body tub spaced off the frame by 1-3/4" ( using galvanized pipe fittings) to get the hood to close. Odd considering MOST people want to lower a sports car!

After pulling the motor and trans, it became apparent that mods were made for exhaust routing.

Note notch in frame, and "high-flow" right-angle bend in exhaust pipe.  Also note the "trick" clearance-ing of

the body rails to make room for the stock cast iron manifolds.....one of which had another "free-flow" exhaust pipe welded to it.

I wouldn't even consider sharing the "innovative" steering linkage - can you say Rube Goldberg? ( shaft in photo is a replacement).

And finally, the re-engineered front cross-member with "clearance" added, or should I say removed for the

V6's balancer in its forward mounted position.  All I can say is Thank God the car never went on the street after the install -

someone would have been hurt..... gonna have some fun fabricating work to rebuild it.