Rollbar Construction

Had to have a rollbar for an open Roadster, but just had to see if I could build it myself - as well as getting my money's worth out of the MIG welder.

Bought 10' of 2" x .125" tube, and had a local race-car fabricator make two 8"R.  bends to a drawing I plotted out for him.

Then I measured for the angle braces, and made the "bird's mouth" cuts using a tubing notcher I had purchased from Harbor Freight for the shop but had never used.  Boy did it work slick


Torch cut the brackets, then cleaned them up on the mill.  Only bugger was holding everything in place while I welded.  Rear braces make a handy lift point for raising the body off the frame - just fastened a loop of chain around them, and the engine hoist could reach without contacting sheet metal.

Measurements and layout must've been pretty good - the top frames clears nicely, and the Hyundai Accent seats will fit as well ( though they're folded forward and not mounted in this pic, and probably will be replaced with another set with a touch more lateral support ).  And of course my pit crew chief, Zach, had to do the final inspection!