The lifeblood and catalyst for the financial health and growth for American Companies is the ability to produce and market innovative new products.  In the face of increasing foreign competition and the opportunities being presented by the opening of formerly restricted markets globally, companies which meet or exceed consumer demand for products which provide the most benefit for the price cannot help but flourish. 

Given employee overhead costs combined with the cost of R&D, many smaller manufacturers find the option of licensing products or technologies very attractive. 

For Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association members who operate in a highly competitive environment where profit margins are smaller than many other markets, licensing ideas can be a very cost effective way of obtaining marketable products without incurring the development costs.  This method is, in fact, utilized by the majority of the players in this market, both large and small. 

Millenium Development Corporation was begun in August of 1995 as an independent product development organization to satisfy a portion of this need.  By utilizing the experience and talents of its principal, and the skills and growth potential of its Associates and subcontractors, MDC  intends to sell timely and innovative product concepts to a core industry of JPMA manufacturers / marketers, and expand over time to encompass other industries whose products have similar performance requirements.

Development contracts are preferably structured as retainer / royalty agreement, wherein monthly payments are made over a contracted development schedule, with a subsequent percentage on sales paid in exchange for patent license.  We prefer to contract customers who require both a product concept and subsequent engineering development.  MDC's  capabilites cover the range from generating concepts using  sketches, renderings ( 2D and virtual), and study models where applicable, through to final, tool-ready 3D database.  In most cases, MDC does not provide 2D documentation of 3D, as most customers maintain this information in their own propriety format, and have a complete staff to generate this type of documentation from 3D.  If this type of documentation is desired, the service can be arranged through a subcontractor.  Travel and confirmation prototypes are at the customer's expense.  MDC works closely with the customer's internal departments ( i.e. engineering, design, marketing,QA,QC,Mfg., etc.) to ensure a smooth integration, and can assist with legal matters such as patent applications and litigation.

  Mark Sedlack - President / Owner  

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